Interdisciplinary Majors

Information Regarding Research in Biomathematics Courses

Catalog description:

01:122:491,492 Research in Biomathematics (3,3)

Research in a selected subject conducted with the supervision of a faculty member. Research proposals must receive prior approval of the director and codirector of the biomathematics program.
Prerequisite: Permission of program director.

Additional details:

01:122:491 Research in Biomathematics (3 credits, Fall semester)
01:122:492 Research in Biomathematics (3 credits, Spring semester)

Students interested in research credit under 01:122:491 or 01:122:492 should email a two page proposal to, as described below.

The proposal will be evaluated by the Director and the Associate Director of the Biomathematics major.

A separate email endorsement should be sent to by the faculty member who will supervise the research. This faculty member must be a full-time faculty member in mathematics or in any life sciences department at Rutgers (including biomedical engineering, and chemistry and chemical biology). The faculty supervisor should agree to supervise the research and to assign a grade upon completion.

The proposal should:

  1. state the problem to be studied;
  2. provide a brief background and proposed achievements,
    and, most importantly:
  3. explain clearly what are the biological as well as mathematical components of the proposed research.

The Director and Associate Director may ask for additional materials to further evaluate the proposal, and might meet the student and/or endorser prior to deciding. Faculty members from other Rutgers departments, or even from outside Rutgers (e.g. Princeton, NYU) may also serve as research advisors, with prior approval.

The proposal should be submitted at least one month prior to the start of classes for the semester when the work will be performed, so as to provide enough time for consideration.

If a continuation of the research project is required, the student may register for a second semester, with permission of the supervising faculty member. It is not necessary to prepare a new proposal nor request permission from the Biomathematics administrators.

The Research in Biomathematics course cannot be used to satisfy any of the regular required or elective courses in the Biomathematics major.