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640:135 - Calculus I

How to get help

Your main resources for help should be your lecturer and your recitation instructor, who know the latest updates about the details of this semester's syllabus.  You will also be provided with a list of the office hours of all of the Math 135 recitation instructors, in case you are unable to meet with your own recitation instructor.

The Rutgers Learning Centers will be posting hours for peer tutoring on all the campuses:


Try to work on math every day. It takes time to understand these concepts and it's better to study for some time each day than for a longer time once or twice a week.

After you read a problem in the text, cover up the solution and see if you can work it yourself without looking at the text. If you have trouble, uncover just enough of the book's solution to get yourself started again. Keep going until you finish the problem. Make a note to come back and try that one again with the answer covered. After all, if you have trouble when you've just read the solution in the book, how are you going to do that problem on the exam?

Most importantly, go home and try the homework the night after the class in which the section is discussed. That makes it easier to understand the discussion of HW problems at the next class. It also makes it easier to remember how to do the problems when exam time rolls around!

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