01:640:477 - Mathematical Theory of Probability

General Information

Prerequisites: CALC III -- third-semester, multiple-variable calculus, which is Math 251 at Rutgers-NB -- is an unwaivable prerequisite. A working knowledge of multiple integrals and partial derivatives is essential for the course.

Restrictions on Credit: A student can receive credit for at most one of the courses

  • 01:640:477
  • 01:198:206
  • 01:960:381
  • 14:332:226

(despite the fact that Math 477 covers considerably more material than Comp Sci 206).


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Sample Syllabus

Prof. Salamon (2022)
Prof. Speer (2010)

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Fall § 01, Prof. Gundy
§ 02, Prof. Wolf
§ 01. Prof. Gundy
§ 02. Prof. Tumulka
§ 01, Prof. E. Speer
§ 02, Prof. S. Goldstein
Summer Sec. E1 Yifan Liu
Sec. H6 Ke Wang
§ E1 Liviu Ilinca
§ H6 Prof. Han
§ E1 Derek Hansen
§ H6 Adam Jonsson
Spring Sec. 01 Prof. Wolf
Sec. 02 Prof. Wilson
Sec. 03 Prof. Song
§ 01 Prof. Gindikin
§ 02 Prof. Gundy
§ 05 Prof. Herschkorn
§ 02, Prof. Butler
§ 04, Prof. S. Goldstein
§ 06, Prof. Gundy
Semesters prior to 2006

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