01:640:312 - Introduction to Real Analysis II

Course Description (Catalog Copy)

01:640:312 Introduction to Real Analysis II (3) 
Continuation of Math 311.
Prerequisites: Math 311.


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Syllabus varies with instructor. For Spring 2008, 2009:

  • Riemann Integration on compact intervals of R
  • Measure Theory in R
  • Lebesgue Integration on R
  • Infinite series of numbers
  • Power series and Taylor series
  • Convergence of sequences and series of functions
  • Fourier Series

Course goals

  • Greatly strengthening student's understanding of
    • the results of calculus and the basis for their validity
    • the uses of deductive reasoning
  • Increasing the student's ability to
      understand definitionsunderstand proofsanalyze conjecturesfind counter-examples to false statements,construct proofs of true statements
    • Provides a solid foundation for honors courses, especially Math 411
  • Enhancing the student's mathematical communication skills

Past Semesters

  • Spring 2009. Prof. Beals

Taught Spring Semester

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