General Information

640:357 Topics in Applied Algebra (Spring, 2017)

Introduction to Signal and Image Processing by
Discrete Fourier and Wavelet Transforms

Lecturer: Prof. Feng Luo   (fluo@math.rutgers.edu)

Office: Hill 532   (tel. (848) 445-7996)

Textbook for the course: Discrete Fourier and Wavelet Transforms by Roe W. Goodman
Available in hard cover, paperback, and e-book format. Go to   World Scientific Publishing

Computer Use in Course   This course includes five MATLAB computer projects. Some prior knowledge of MATLAB is helpful but not necessary. A general familiarity with computers and basic programming skills are assumed, but the course does not involve writing original programs in the MATLAB language. Purchase of MATLAB software is not required, since you can use the MATLAB software in the ARC and other public computer labs at Rutgers, and by remote login. The course will also use the public-domain wavelet software package Uvi_Wave (which runs under MATLAB).

Grading Policy   Your grade will be based on your work in the two midterm exams, five MATLAB projects, quizzes (based on the lectures and homework), and the final exam, according to the following 600 point scheme:

  • Midterm Exams: 100 points each (total 200)
  • MATLAB Projects: 30 points each (total 150)
  • Quizzes: rescaled to 50 points total, with lowest quiz grade dropped (no makeup quizzes)
  • Final Exam: 200 points

There will be a quiz at the end of each Thursday class (except when there is a midterm exam). Students are expected to attend every class (except in cases of illness or high-priority outside activities such as presenting a project or paper for another class or interviewing for a job or graduate school). Class attendence will be considered in determining the term grade.

Makeup policy   It is assumed that students will take the examinations as scheduled. Makeup exams will only be given to students who have documented medical excuses.

Academic Integrity (aka cheating)   Students are expected to follow the Rutgers Standards of Academic Integrity on the Matlab assignments, quizzes, and exams in the course. Each Matlab assignment uses data determined by the student's Rutgers ID, so copying of Matlab assignments is easily detected and is a serious violation of academic integrity.

Revised November 30, 2016