Technology Requirements for Math Courses in Fall 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, all math courses at Rutgers in Fall 2020 have been transformed into remote instructions courses. This means that all instruction, student-teacher interaction, and assessment of student performance will take place online. Most math courses offered this Fall will be run in a synchronous manner; the lectures and office hours will take place through meeting tools, usually ones integrated into the Leaning Management System for the course, either Canvas or Sakai. In these classes, lectures will be delivered online during the scheduled class time. Students will be able to interact and ask questions via chat and breakout rooms during the scheduled meeting times. The lectures will also be recorded for later reference, but students are expected to participate in the live classes.  Some courses are offered in an asynchronous manner; these courses will nonetheless be structured so there is significant real-time interaction between the instructor and the students, and among the students.

To take any of these courses, students will need access to the following:

1) High speed internet

2) A laptop or desktop computer. If the computer does not have a built-in microphone and camera, students will need a separate webcam and a mic, which can be purchased online for under $50.

3) A scanner, or a phone camera with an app for producing pdf documents from photos such as Google Drive and Genius Scan.  You may also be able to use your webcam to take a photo which can be converted to a pdf.

Not all of these items will be needed at all times in every meeting of the course.

Students who have difficulties with the technology requirements should consult the Rutgers Technology Resources for Students page.  Included on that page is a list of providers that may be providing free or low cost internet access to students during the Covid-19 crisis.  Additional financial support for meeting technology requirements may be available through the Financial Aid Office.

Students purchasing equipment should shop for the best available price. Kite+key is the Rutgers Technology Store and a limited number of products are offered at an educational discount there.

By signing up for a  course in the math department, a student consents to have videos of themselves recorded as needed for authentication purposes. We take seriously our obligation to students to provide a level playing field that does not disadvantage our many students of high integrity. Therefore, in all courses, there will be some form of video control of test environments. This type of online proctoring will require the use of a webcam and a mic. Students will also need, at those times, to be in an environment that affords them privacy, if only to avoid the recording of others who may not be aware of it. For test dates (when the full range of equipment listed above will be needed), please see the course syllabus.