Jay Williams

Page Redirection Hey there! I'm no longer at Rutgers. If you are not redirected automatically, follow the link to my current website. I am a 5th-year Ph.D. student in mathematics at Rutgers. My research interests are in logic; mainly descriptive set theory and its application to problems in combinatorial/geometric group theory.

You can contact me at jaywil at math dot rutgers dot edu.

Teaching info:

My office is room 512 in Hill Center on Busch Campus.

In the Fall 2011 semester I will be the recitation instructor for Math 151, Calculus I for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences. My office hours are from 1-2 PM Mondays and 4-5 PM Wednesdays, or by appointment.

A few words on workshops

The workshops we do in this class are intended to sharpen not only your mathematical skills, but also your ability to communicate to others how you used math to solve a problem. This means when writing up a workshop problem, you need to do more than just show a few algebraic manipulations and underline an answer. The average person (even one who understood calculus) would look at that mystified as to what any of it means, and why the answer given has anything to do with the problem presented.

Think of it this way: if you were explaining how to do the problem to another student, you surely would not just recite a string of mathematical equations at them. You'd actually say why you did the steps you did, and how you got from one to the other. The writeups should be done in a similar spirit, although perhaps more polished and formal.

The workshops are worth 10 points each. My grading rubric for the workshops is as follows.

Quiz solutions:

Quiz 1
Quiz 2

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