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Monday, March 27th

Discrete Math

Van Vu, Yale University

"Littlewood-Offord-Erdos type inequalities for polynomials of random variables"

2:00 PM, Hill 705

Ph.D. Thesis Defense

Patrick Devlin, Rutgers University

"A Treatise on the Binomial Theorem"

3:30 PM, Hill 705

Logic Seminar (website)

Nam Trang , University of California - Irvine


5:00 PM, Hill 705

Tuesday, March 28th

Mathematical Finance, Probability and PDE Seminar (website)

Allen Cheng, Columbia University

"Modeling wealth dynamics under central clearing"

11:45 AM, Hill 705

Number Theory Seminar

Max Ehrman, Yale University

"Almost Prime Coordinates in Thin Pythagorean Triangles"

2:00 PM, Hill 525

Topology/Geometry Seminar (website)

Thomas Koberda, University of Virginia

"Quotients of surface groups via TQFT"

3:30 PM, Hill 005

Ph.D. Thesis Defense

Charles Wolf, Rutgers University

"Incidence Problems in Discrete Geometry"

4:30 PM, Hill 705

Wednesday, March 29th

Graduate Student Combinatorics Seminar
Sponsored by DIMACS

Jinyoung Park, Rutgers University


12:10 PM, Hill Grad Student Lounge

Ph.D. Thesis Defense

Rachel Levanger, Rutgers University

"A Comparison Framework for Interleaved Persistence Modules and Applications of Persistent Homology to Problems in Fluid Dynamics"

1:20 PM, Hill 705

Thursday, March 30th

Mathematical Physics Seminar (website)

Jordan Keller, Columbia University

" Linear stability of Schwarzschild spacetime"

12:00 PM, Hill 705

Experimental Mathematics Seminar (website)

Nathan Fox, Rutgers University

"An Exploration of Nested Recurrences Using Experimental Mathematics (thesis defense) "

5:00 PM, Hill 705

Friday, March 31st

Ph.D. Thesis Defense

Xukai Yan, Rutgers University

"Homogeneous Solutions of Stationary Navier-Stokes Equations with Isolated Singularities on the Unit Sphere"

10:00 AM, Hill 705

Ph.D. Thesis Defense

Liming Sun, Rutgers University

"Yamabe Problem on Compact Manifolds with Boundary"

1:30 PM, Hill 423

Graduate Pizza Seminar (website)

Bryan Ek, Rutgers University


1:40 PM, Hill Grad Student Lounge

Ph.D. Thesis Defense

S.-H Guo, Rutgers University

"Self-shrinkers and Singularity Models of the Mean Curvature Flow"

3:30 PM, Hill 525

Colloquium (website)

Mohammed Abouzaid, Columbia University

"Symplectic topology, mirror symmetry, and rigid analytic geometry "

4:00 PM, Hill 705

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