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Monday, April 24th

Discrete Math

Jacques Verstraete, UC San Diego

"Extremal problems for paths in graphs and hypergraphs"

2:00 PM, Hill 705

Logic Seminar (website)

Dima Sinapova , University of Illinois - Chicago

"Simultaneous stationary reflection and failure of SCH "

5:00 PM, Hill 705

Tuesday, April 25th

Mathematical Finance, Probability and PDE Seminar (website)

Oleksii Mostovyi, University of Connecticut


11:45 AM, Hill 705

Nonlinear Analysis

Ryan Hynd, MIT and University of Pennsylvania

" Extremal functions for Morrey’s inequality in convex domains"

1:40 PM, Hill 705

Geometric Analysis Seminar

Jeff Jauregui , Union College

"Bartnik's quasi-local mass in general relativity"

3:00 PM, Hill 705

Topology/Geometry Seminar (website)

Baris Coskunuzer, Boston College

"Embeddedness of the solutions to the H-Plateau Problem"

3:30 PM, Hill 005

Wednesday, April 26th

DIMACS Theory of Computing Seminar (website)

Aaron Potechin , Princeton University

"Exact tensor completion with sum-of-squares"

11:00 AM, CoRE 301

Graduate Student Combinatorics Seminar
Sponsored by DIMACS

Charles Wolf, Rutgers University

"Oriented Matroids "

12:10 PM, Hill Grad Student Lounge

Algebra Seminar (website)

Sjuvon Chung , Rutgers University

"Equivariant quantum K-theory of projective space"

2:00 PM, Hill 705

Number Theory Learning Seminar

Matthew Welsh, Rutgers University

"Equidistribution of 3-Torsion Ideals"

3:15 PM, Hill 525

Thursday, April 27th

Mathematical Physics Seminar

Sagun Chanillo, Rutgers University

" The Geometry of Rotating Neutron Stars and Relativistic Stars"

12:00 PM, Hill 705

Mathematical Physics Seminar

Soeren Petrat , Princeton University

"Bogoliubov Corrections to the Hartree Dynamics"

2:00 PM, Hill 705

Experimental Mathematics Seminar (website)

Vince Vatter, University of Florida

"Sorting with restricted containers "

5:00 PM, Hill 705

Graduate Student Vertex Operator Algebra Seminar (website)

Joel Clingempeel, Rutgers University


5:10 PM, Hill 525

Friday, April 28th

Complex Analysis and Geometry Seminar

Shan-Tai Chan , Syracuse University

"On holomorphic isometries from the Poincar'e disk into bounded symmetric domains of rank at least two"

10:30 AM, Hill 705

Lie Groups Quantum Mathematics Seminar (website)

Anatoly Vershik, St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics

"Standard and non-standard filtrations and tensor-like products of algebras (NOTE: JOINT LIE GROUP/LOGIC SEMINAR!!)"

12:00 PM, Hill 705

Graduate Pizza Seminar (website)

Jinyoung Park, Rutgers University


1:40 PM, Hill Grad Student Lounge

Colloquium (website)

Tobias Colding, MIT

"Level set method for motion by mean curvature "

4:00 PM, Hill 705

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