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Monday, February 27th

Applied Algebraic Topology Seminar

Primoz Skraba, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenija

"An Approximate Nerve Theorem"

1:30 PM, Hill 260

Discrete Math

Maria Chudnovsky, Princeton University

"Induced cycles and coloring"

2:00 PM, Hill 705

Logic Seminar (website)

Gregory Cherlin, Rutgers University

" Primitive Binary Structures"

5:00 PM, Hill 705

Graduate Student Geometry Seminar

Xin Fu, Rutgers University

"Boundedness of general type 2"

6:00 PM, Hill Grad Student Lounge

Tuesday, February 28th

Mathematical Finance, Probability and PDE Seminar (website)

Sebastian Herrmann, University of Michigan

"Hedging with Uncertainty-Averse Preferences"

11:45 AM, Hill 705

Nonlinear Analysis

Jose Espinar, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro

"Characterization of f-extremal disks"

1:40 PM, Hill 705

Number Theory Seminar

Liyang Zhang , Yale University

"Quantum Unique Ergodicity of degenerate Eisenstein Series on GL(n)"

2:00 PM, Hill 525

Topology/Geometry Seminar (website)

Siao-hao Guo, Rutgers University

"Analysis of Velázquez's solution to the mean curvature flow with a type II singularity"

3:30 PM, Hill 005

Wednesday, March 1st

DIMACS Theory of Computing Seminar (website)

Avishay Tal , IAS


11:00 AM, CoRE 301

Graduate Student Combinatorics Seminar
Sponsored by DIMACS

Ross Berkowitz, Rutgers University


12:10 PM, Hill Grad Student Lounge


Keith Weber, Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University

"A primer on undergraduate mathematics education research: Students' understandings of lectures and proof"

2:00 PM, Hill Grad Student Lounge

Algebra Seminar (website)

Charles Weibel, Rutgers University

"The Witt group of surfaces and 3-folds"

2:00 PM, Hill 705

Thursday, March 2nd

Experimental Mathematics Seminar (website)

Adi Ben-Israel , Rutgers University

"Matrix volume and its applications "

5:00 PM, Hill 705

Graduate Student Vertex Operator Algebra Seminar (website)

Johannes Flake , Rutgers University


5:10 PM, Hill 525

Friday, March 3rd

Graduate Pizza Seminar (website)

Emily Kukura, Rutgers University


1:40 PM, Hill Grad Student Lounge

Colloquium (website)

Tim Austin, Courant Institute

"Ergodic theory and the geometry of high-dimensional metric spaces"

4:00 PM, Hill 705

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