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Monday, March 20th

Discrete Math

June Huh, Princeton University

"Negative correlation and Hodge-Riemann relations"

2:00 PM, Hill 705

Logic Seminar (website)

Garrett Ervin , University of California - Irvine

"The cube problem for linear orders"

5:00 PM, Hill 705

Tuesday, March 21st

Number Theory Seminar

Arthur Baragar , UNLV

"Apollonian packings in higher dimensions and ample cones for K3 surfaces"

2:00 PM, Hill 525

Wednesday, March 22nd

DIMACS Theory of Computing Seminar (website)

Matt Anderson , Union College

"Solving Linear Programs without Breaking Abstractions"

11:00 AM, CoRE 301

Graduate Student Combinatorics Seminar
Sponsored by DIMACS

Keith Frankston, Rutgers University

"Fomin Growth Diagrams or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Young Tableaux"

12:10 PM, Hill Grad Student Lounge

Algebra Seminar (website)

Ilya Kapovich, Rutgers University

"Dynamics and polynomial invariants for free-by-cyclic groups"

2:00 PM, Hill 705

Number Theory Learning Seminar

Arthur Baragar , UNLV


3:15 PM, Hill 525

Thursday, March 23rd

Mathematical Physics Seminar (website)

Minh Binh Tran, University of Wisconsin

"Quantum kinetic v.s. weak turbulence"

12:00 PM, Hill 705

Mathematical Physics Seminar (website)

Carlo Lancellotti, CUNY, Staten Island Campus (NYC)

"On a deterministic approach to the Vlasov limit for point particles with unregularized Coulomb/Newton interactions"

2:00 PM, Hill 705

Experimental Mathematics Seminar (website)

Justin Semonsen, Rutgers University

"On Oda's Strong Factorization Conjecture "

5:00 PM, Hill 705

Graduate Student Vertex Operator Algebra Seminar (website)

Fei Qi, Rutgers University

"Rationality of iterates of vertex operators in a MOSVA"

5:10 PM, Hill 525

Friday, March 24th

Complex Analysis and Geometry Seminar

Yumeng Ou, MIT

"Sparse domination of singular integral operators"

10:30 AM, Hill 705

Graduate Pizza Seminar (website)

√Črik Amorim, Rutgers University

" The first big test of Einstein's General Relativity"

1:40 PM, Hill Grad Student Lounge

Colloquium (website)

Lauren Williams, Berkeley

"From hopping particles to Macdonald-Koornwinder polynomials "

4:00 PM, Hill 705

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