Mathematics Department - Mathematical Physics Seminar - Summer 2015

Mathematical Physics Seminar - Summer 2015


Joel Lebowitz, Michael Kiessling



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Thursday, September 3rd

Ian Jauslin, University of Rome

" Non-perturbative renormalization group in a hierarchical Kondo model"

Time: 12:00 PM
Location: Hill 705
Abstract: In this seminar, a hierarchical version of the Kondo model is introduced and shown to be exactly solvable via renormalization group techniques. The qualitative behavior of the magnetic susceptibility of the system is shown to be governed by a non-trivial fixed point in the renormalization group flow. The hierarchical Kondo model therefore provides an example of a system that can be studied exactly using renormalization group methods without being asymptotically free.

The work presented here was carried out in collaboration with Giuseppe Benfatto and Giovanni Gallavotti.

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