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Math 250 - Introductory Linear Algebra

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Prerequisite: CALC2 or 01:640:136 or 138.
Systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination, matrices and determinants, vectors in two- and three-dimensional Euclidean space, vector spaces, introduction to eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Possible additional topics: systems of linear inequalities and systems of differential equations.


Spence, Insel, & Friedberg: Elementary Linear Algebra: A Matrix Approach, 2nd Edition ,   Prentice-Hall   (ISBN # 978-0-13-187141-0).

The authors of the textbook also have a companion   web site containing supplementary material, including multiple choice tests covering the topics in the course. Students can take these tests on-line and see the graded results of each test immediately.

Course Materials

  • suggested syllabus   (PDF Format)   (plain TeX file)
  • suggested homework problems   (PDF Format)   (plain TeX file)
  • Information about Math 250C (MATLAB sections)
  • The details and pace of the syllabus and the timing of the mid-term exams will vary from section to section. Each section has its own midterm and final exams. The final exam times are determined from the class meeting hour. See Final exam schedule for details.

Schedule Archives

Spring 2014 Schedule

InstructorType Index Section Day(s)/
Time Room
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Goodman, Roe L 00337 C1 MW4 1:40 PM - 3:00 PM SEC-207 BUS
Samkoff, Aron L 07983 C2 MW5 3:20 PM - 4:40 PM ARC-105 BUS
Chung, Sjuvon L 07753 01 MW4 1:10 PM - 2:30 PM HH-B2 CAC
Coulson, Bud L 03736 02 TF2 9:50 AM - 11:10 AM MU-212 CAC
Sussmann, Hector L 08560 03 TTh4 1:40 PM - 3:00 PM SEC-202 BUS
Rainsford, Augusta L 04912 04 TF3 12:00 PM - 1:20 PM SEC-211 BUS
Lynd, Justin L 04517 05 MW6 5:00 PM - 6:20 PM SEC-216 BUS
Wilson, Glen L 19427 06 MTh3 12:00 PM - 1:20 PM TIL-246 LIV
Taft, Earl L 00338 07 TTh5 3:20 PM - 4:40 PM SEC-207 BUS
Lyons, Richard L 03488 08 TTh6 5:00 PM - 6:20 PM SEC-217 BUS
Garnett, Brian L 05247 09 TF3 12:00 PM - 1:20 PM HLL-009 BUS
Lynd, Justin L 15680 10 MW5 3:20 PM - 4:40 PM ARC-204 BUS
Robinson, Thomas L 00339 11 MTh2 10:20 AM - 11:40 AM BE-011 LIV
Taft, Earl L 14080 12 TTh4 1:40 PM - 3:00 PM SEC-207 BUS
Mehta, Nishali L 00340 13 MW5 3:55 PM - 5:15 PM HCK-202 C/D
Robinson, Thomas L 03487 15 MW8 7:40 PM - 9:00 PM FH-B2 CAC

Matlab Assignments for Math 250C

  • Lab 1:   Matrix and Vector Computations in MATLAB
  • Lab 2:   Linear Equations and Matrix Algebra
  • Lab 3:   LU Decomposition and Determinants
  • Lab 4:   General Solution to Ax = b
  • Lab 5:   Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
  • Lab 6:   Orthonormal Bases, Orthogonal Projections, and Least Squares

Sample Exams and Video Lectures

Linear Algebra and MATLAB

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