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01:640:250 - Introductory Linear Algebra

General Information (Catalog listing)

Prerequisite: CALC2 or 01:640:136 or 138.

Systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination, matrices and determinants, vectors in two- and three-dimensional Euclidean space, vector spaces, introduction to eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Possible additional topics: systems of linear inequalities and systems of differential equations.

Updated description

Vectors in n-space, systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination, span and linear independence of a set of vectors, matrix algebra, determinants, subspaces of n-space, basis and dimension, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization of a matrix, geometry of vectors, projections, orthogonal sets of vectors, symmetric matrices, and applications. 
(current, 2014)


Spence, Insel, & Friedberg: Elementary Linear Algebra: A Matrix Approach, 2nd Edition, Prentice-Hall   (ISBN # 978-0-13-187141-0).

The details of the syllabus and the timing of the midterm exams will vary from section to section. Each section of Math 250 has its own midterm exams and final exam. The final exam times are determined from the class meeting times. The room of the final exam may or may not be the usual lecture room! See the Final Exam schedule or the Math Department main website for updated details about final exams, when this information is available.

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Students are expected to follow the Rutgers Standards of Academic Integrity on the assignments, quizzes and exams in the course.

Another Resource for MATLAB

(Note: for the MATLAB Assignments for the MATLAB Sections C1, C2, etc, please refer to the Math 250C webpage instead)

Current Sections:

Introductory Linear Algebra (01: 640: 250, Summer 2017 )

Introductory Linear Algebra (section B1)
Index Number: 00468
Credits: 3
  • [L] Mon 10:10AM-12:10PM HLL-423 (BUS)
  • [L] Wed 10:10AM-12:10PM HLL-423 (BUS)
  • [L] Thu 10:10AM-12:10PM HLL-423 (BUS)
  • [L] Tue 10:10AM-12:10PM HLL-423 (BUS)
Introductory Linear Algebra (section B2)
Index Number: 01554
Credits: 3
Professor: RAZ
  • [L] Wed 12:20PM-2:20PM SEC-206 (BUS)
  • [L] Tue 12:20PM-2:20PM SEC-206 (BUS)
  • [L] Thu 12:20PM-2:20PM SEC-206 (BUS)
  • [L] Mon 12:20PM-2:20PM SEC-206 (BUS)
Introductory Linear Algebra (section B6)
Index Number: 00063
Credits: 3
Professor: BRAUNFELD
  • [L] Fri 6:00PM-8:45PM SEC-211 (BUS)
  • [L] Wed 6:00PM-8:45PM SEC-211 (BUS)
  • [L] Mon 6:00PM-8:45PM SEC-211 (BUS)
Introductory Linear Algebra (section E1)
Index Number: 00064
Credits: 3
Professor: GUADAGNI
  • [L] Thu 10:10AM-12:10PM ARC-107 (BUS)
  • [L] Tue 10:10AM-12:10PM ARC-107 (BUS)
  • [L] Mon 10:10AM-12:10PM ARC-107 (BUS)
  • [L] Wed 10:10AM-12:10PM ARC-107 (BUS)
Introductory Linear Algebra (section H1)
Index Number: 02868
Credits: 3
Professor: PARK
  • [L] Wed 10:10AM-12:10PM HLL-425 (BUS)
  • [L] Thu 10:10AM-12:10PM HLL-425 (BUS)
  • [L] Tue 10:10AM-12:10PM HLL-425 (BUS)
  • [L] Mon 10:10AM-12:10PM HLL-425 (BUS)
Introductory Linear Algebra (section H2)
Index Number: 02084
Credits: 3
Professor: WELSH
  • [L] Wed 12:20PM-2:20PM SEC-211 (BUS)
  • [L] Mon 12:20PM-2:20PM SEC-211 (BUS)
  • [L] Thu 12:20PM-2:20PM SEC-211 (BUS)
  • [L] Tue 12:20PM-2:20PM SEC-211 (BUS)
Introductory Linear Algebra (section H6)
Index Number: 02366
Credits: 3
Professor: FU, X.
  • [L] Mon 6:00PM-8:45PM ARC-206 (BUS)
  • [L] Wed 6:00PM-8:45PM ARC-206 (BUS)
  • [L] Fri 6:00PM-8:45PM ARC-206 (BUS)

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