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Learning Assistants - Peer Mentor Program

You have entered the homepage for the peer mentor program of the Mathematics Department at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. If you are currently a peer mentor, you can find the current announcements here or communicate questions and concerns to the peer mentor program coordinator. If you are not a peer mentor, you can find information describing the program and how to apply.

Peer mentors are undergraduate students hired to work as learning aides in calculus workshops and to provide one-on-one help to the students. The program began in the Fall semester of 1995 and now employs between 45 and 70 students per semester. Peer mentors are employed in sections of the first year Calculus sequence 640:151-152.

To learn more about the peer mentor program or to inquire about applying, please click below.

What are peer mentors and what do they do?

The prosaic answer is that peer mentors are paid student aids who help run workshops of first and second semester calculus courses. But the term peer mentor implies more. A peer mentor is a guide, and the job of a calculus peer mentor is to guide students to a better understanding of how to learn and do mathematics.

The main duty of the peer mentor is to attend the workshops of their assigned courses and facilitate student group work on those workshops.

To learn in detail what a peer mentor does, read the job description.

The peer mentor program seeks undergraduate students who

  • excel at math
  • have good communication skills
  • like to share their knowledge with others

Who can be a peer mentor?

Preference is given to students who have completed Calculus III or who have taken and learned very well in Mathematics 151-152 (Calculus I and II) the previous year. Applicants should have finished at least 2 semesters at Rutgers with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.

It is not necessary to be a Mathematics Major to be a Peer Mentor in the math department! Indeed, we prefer to have students with varying backgrounds and ambitions working with us.

Why be a peer mentor?

  • Well, you do get a salary!
  • And you feel good working to help fellow students.
  • Valuable experience----If you are headed for a teaching career or if you plan to go to graduate school, where you will probably support yourself with a teaching assistantship, experience as a peer mentor is a valuable asset to your undergraduate education.
  • Become a calculus expert----There is nothing that helps one learn a subject better than having to teach it!

The peer mentor program actively recruits applicants at the end of the spring semester. But you are welcome to indicate  your interest at any time. Just leave your name and e-mail address with us and we will contact you at the appropriate time.

Yes! I want to apply!

Official Job Description

All first year calculus courses using peer mentors consist of 2 lectures and 1 workshop per week. Peer mentors attend all workshops for *two* calculus sections and work with the graduate teaching assistants leading those workshops. Workshops are devoted to discussing homework and other problems. Depending on the professor, some sections may also include quizzes. In the workshop, the peer mentor helps facilitate problems, and also helps with the administration of the workshop, by returning graded quizzes or problems and helping to give any quiz. Outside of workshop, the peer mentor meets with the course instructor and the graduate teaching assistant once a week to discuss the material covered in the lectures, specific workshop problems for that week, and students' learning of the course material.

Average total work load (recitation+meetings+preparation) is about 4.5 hours/weeks.

Training sessions

All peer mentors are required to attend 8 training sessions throughout the Fall semester (these sessions will run every other Wednesday from 8:40am to 10:00am).

In these sessions peer mentors will be introduced to theories of learning and thinking, and to instructional strategies relevant to the learning and teaching of undergraduate mathematics.


$550 per semester.

The peer mentor program actively recruits applicants at the end of the spring semester. But you are welcome to indicate your interest at any time. Just leave your name and e-mail with us and we will contact you at the appropriate time.

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