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16:642:583 - Combinatorics II

Shubhangi Saraf


There is no text, but there are several books that we will be referring to -Some of the relevant books include: The Probabilistic Method (Alon & Spencer), Extremal Combinatorics (Stasys Jukna), Linear Algebra Methods in Combinatorics (Babai & Frankl)


16:642:582 or permission of instructor


This is the second part of a two-semester course surveying basic topics in combinatorics. Topics for the full year should include most of:

• Enumeration (basics, generating functions, recurrence relations, inclusion-exclusion, asymptotics)

• Matching theory, polyhedral and fractional issues

• Partially ordered sets and lattices, Mobius functions

• Theory of finite sets, hypergraphs, combinatorial discrepancy, Ramsey theory, correlation inequalities

• Probabilistic methods

• Algebraic and Fourier methods • Entropy methods

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